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Proposed Hudson River Waterfront Development

Landscape Consulting Services

In addition to the firm’s extensive landscape and environmental planning services, professional Landscape Architecture design services are provided through a collaborative strategic alliance with Solaris Landscape Architecture, LLC. Together, a full range of landscape consulting services from design concept to construction management are provided to our Corporate, Commercial, Residential, Institutional and Municipal clients.

Our service philosophy is focused on providing practical and sustainable design solutions resulting in enjoyable developments that create livable and sustainable projects and communities while protecting and conserving natural resources.

Site Planning and Design Consulting

bullet Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Site Plan Design and Development
bullet Residential Lot Development and Landscape Improvements
bullet Feasibility Analysis and Concept Planning
bullet Landscape Analysis and Planting Plans
bullet Master Campus Planning and Design
bullet Streetscape and Civic Facility Design and Planning
bullet Parks and Recreation Planning
bullet Municipal Development Project Review

Natural Resource Assessment and Restoration
bullet Unit Management Planning and Program Development
bullet Open Space and Nature Preserve Planning
bullet Logging Planning and Application Preparation
bullet Natural Resource Inventories and Habitat Assessment
bullet Environmental Impact Analysis
bullet Brownfield Redevelopment
bullet Natural Screening Planning
bullet Landscape Visual Impact Analysis
bullet Wetland Restoration and Mitigation Planning, Design and Monitoring

Sustainable Development
bullet Environmental Planning
bullet LEED and Sustainable Site Design
bullet Conservation Planning
bullet Landscaping as Stormwater Management
bullet Landscaping as Energy Efficiency Strategies
bullet Landscaping as Visual Impact Mitigation

Development and Mitigation Project Management
bullet Contract Documents and Cost Estimation
bullet Project Implementation and Construction Supervision
bullet Mitigation Action Plans and Environmental Monitoring
bullet Long Term Impact Assessment and Plan Implementation

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MDRA is known for its steadfast adherence to ecologic and natural resource responsibility...scientific proficiency and procedural thoroughness...public participation in important community decisions...and for inventiveness of our working and collaborative solutions...often in the midst of contentious project review dynamics. The breadth and depth of our services will likely serve you well. We provide planning solutions to public and private entities, big and small. For a few examples of how we can help you, please visit our projects page to view recent client work.