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Long Dock Beacon
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Long Dock Beacon

Long Dock Beacon proposes a unique mixed-use waterfront development project in the City of Beacon, New York, which is being implemented pursuant to a unique development agreement between The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc. (Scenic Hudson), the property owner, and Foss Group Beacon, LLC. This exciting new development and land restoration proposal includes 167,000 square feet of mixed-use development, including a hotel, conference center, restaurants, a spa and other related facilities on approximately 8 acres, and approximately 15 acres of riverfront park with shoreline amenities.

Scenic Hudson owns three (3) parcels of land, comprising a total of 89.5 waterfront acres, of which approximately 22.6 acres consist of upland areas with the balance under water (Hudson River). The project site is located on the westerly side of the Metro North Railroad lines, across from Dia:Beacon and just southwest of the Beacon Metro North Railroad Station. Access to the project site is from Beekman Street via Red Flynn Drive to Long Dock Road. Red Flynn Drive crosses over the railroad tracks and provides access to the westerly side (riverside) of the Metro North Beacon Railroad Station, as well as to the City of Beacon Riverfront Park, Ferry Dock, and Beacon Sloop Club.

The project is currently envisioned to be implemented in two phases, as follows:

Phase 1

Phase 1 includes a total of 117,500 square feet of building space as follows:

110,500 square feet Hotel and Conference Center; including a 140-room hotel (76,000 square feet), a conference center (9,500 square feet), three (3) restaurants (11,100 square feet), a wellness facility and spa (8,000 square feet), a green house (1,900 square feet), retail (sundries) space (1,000 square feet), and office space (3,000 square feet).
4,000 square feet Renovated Red Barn; the existing Red Barn building will be relocated on the site and renovated to house a planned boat building program and possible public meeting space.
3,000 square feet Boat Storage Building.
Approximately 12,200 square feet of outdoor deck space is also planned.

Phase 1 also includes amenities fully accessible to the public, including a 12,500 square foot civic plaza; water feature; human powered and electric boat harbor; a northern wooden pier that includes river-edge public access and potential docking facilities for motor boats; off-street parking improvements; and a 15-acre public park with shoreline and bulkhead improvements, trails, a universally accessible walkway and fishing pier, steps to the river, wetland enhancement and creation, kayak put-in, historic and environmental interpretive areas, landscaping, and areas for picnicking and passive recreation.

A portion of the riverfront park improvements, located at Beacon Point within the project site, including a handicap accessible fishing pier and shoreline stabilization activities have already received City of Beacon Special Permit and Site Plan Approval (May 12, 2003), as well as U.S. ACOE Approval (May 22, 2003), NYSDEC Approval (February 25, 2003) and NYSDOS General Concurrence of Coastal Consistency (April 5, 2002), and are currently under construction.

Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of an additional 49,500 square feet of building space, which could be utilized alternatively as additional hotel rooms, offices and/or residential housing. Other Phase 2 improvements would include additional off-street parking improvements and relocation of the project entrance road and creation of a pedestrian access bridge from Red Flynn Drive directly to the Phase 2 building improvements.

For information on the Foss Group Beacon and Scenic Hudson sustainable and eco-friendly 167,000 square foot mixed used hotel, conference center Hudson River front project adjacent to Dia:Beacon go to

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