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We have provided four (4) of our “interesting” ongoing or recently completed projects as one way of exploring how MDRA works for developers, municipalities, and others. We inform clients and community members of new developments and the progress of active projects. Also featured, are the unusual and challenging aspects of these diverse jobs, MDRA's role, partnerships and strategies employed to move the project ahead, and new and precedential accomplishments of the MDRA’s.

- Long Dock Beacon, Beacon, NY
- Carvel Property Development, Pine Plains / Milan, NY
- Mongaup NPS Interpretive Center, Deerfield Park, NY
- Municipal Review - KTD Monastery


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Featured Projects
We have helped: municipalities review high powered development projects; developers with their permits, brownfields, greening and financing; localities with cell tower, wetland, steep slope, zoning and all development control laws; nonprofits with land conservation and community development to achieve higher ends; authorities with planning and permitting major public infrastructure projects; grant recipients with millions of dollars from successful grant applications; project sponsors with all manner of project implementation steps... What can we do for you?