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Natural Resource Assessment and Management

Preparation of Biological Resources Inventories (BRIs): Flora, Fauna and Natural Communities
Identification and Documentation of Rare or Significant Natural Habitats
Searches for Rare Species of Plants and Animals and Assessment of Vulnerability to Human Activities
Analysis of Potential Impacts to Rare Species and Communities
Preparation of Mitigation Plans to Protect Rare Species and Habitats
Preparation of Land Management Plans
Site Opportunities and Constraints Analysis and Mapping
GIS Mapping and Analysis
Endangered and Threatened Species Investigations
Natural Resource Impact Assessment / EIS Preparation

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MDRA is known for its steadfast adherence to ecologic and natural resource responsibility...scientific proficiency and procedural thoroughness...public participation in important community decisions...and for inventiveness of our working and collaborative solutions...often in the midst of contentious project review dynamics. The breadth and depth of our services will likely serve you well. We provide planning solutions to public and private entities, big and small. For a few examples of how we can help you, please visit our projects page to view recent client work.