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NYS Environmental Quality Review Procedure (SEQR)

New York State Environmental Quality Review Procedure (SEQR)

A map of the SEQR Process

SEQR is NYS' Environmental Quality Review procedure which is codified at 6 NYCRR Part 617 and was adopted pursuant to the Environmental Conservation Law.

In adopting SEQR, it was the Legislature's intention that all agencies conduct their affairs with an awareness that they are stewards of the air, water, land, and living resources, and that they have an obligation to protect the environment for the use and enjoyment of this and all future generations.

The basic purpose of SEQR is to incorporate the consideration of environmental factors into the existing planning, review and decision-making processes of state, regional and local government agencies at the earliest possible time. To accomplish this goal, SEQR requires that all agencies determine whether the actions they directly undertake, fund or approve may have a significant impact on the environment, and, if it is determined that the action may have a significant adverse impact, prepare or request an environmental impact statement.

It was the intention of the Legislature that the protection and enhancement of the environment, human and community resources should be given appropriate weight with social and economic considerations in determining public policy, and that those factors be considered together in reaching decisions on proposed activities. Accordingly, it is the intention of this Part that a suitable balance of social, economic and environmental factors be incorporated into the planning and decision-making processes of state, regional and local agencies. It is not the intention of SEQR that environmental factors be the sole consideration in decision-making.

SEQR is loved, hated, and tolerated depending upon your perspective. Please feel free to contact us with questions about projects you are undertaking which will or may require SEQR compliance or project applications you may be reviewing as a governmental Planning or other Board member.

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